Modern Art Services

Do you have a cool piece of hardware that you’d like to show off? Maybe a rare processor or a video card that never let you down during sleepless nights of gaming? Or even the “future proof” motherboard you bought that was outdated six months later but still looks cooler than anything you’ve purchased since? Well then, let me help you put your geek trophies on display!

Check out the four services I offer to memorialize your hardware into something you can display outside a computer case:

Special AK Edition Motherboard Service – Custom order $229 –

The first time I shot my friend Ryan’s AK-47, he told me “I’ll bring the AK-47, you bring the targets.” Which led to this. I soon afterward decided that the printer beat down scene in “Office Space” would’ve been better with guns. I just love this piece, you can see where the bullets entered and exited and it reminds me not only of my first time shooting an AK-47, but of the first time I really looked at my own computer parts from a different, non-functional angle. So you can send me your most hated or beloved motherboard and I’ll plug it full of lead with my AK-47 assault rifle, then I’ll build a custom frame that shows off its remains and I’ll send it back to you, as lovely as ever. -FAQ-

Frame your CPU – Custom order $49 –

Purchase this package and I’ll provide you with simple instructions on how to ship your CPU to me to have it professionally framed. Any CPU at all, it doesn’t matter the socket type or age; so long as it exists, I’ll build a custom frame specifically for it with the wood of your choice and then ship it back to you, safe and secure. If you’re bashful about picking out a type of wood or you’re xylophobic (fearful of wooden objects!)  then I can definitely pick out a type of wood for you. You see, I’ve done this a few times before… :)  -FAQ-

Frame your expansion card – Custom order $69 –

One of my first memorable video cards was a VisionTek GeForce 3 Series card. I loved it and now I can’t find it, I think I may have sold it or, sadly, maybe even trashed it. Don’t let this happen to you! Send your expansion card to me to have it professionally framed so your precious memories aren’t tossed away. I’ll build a custom frame specifically for your expansion card with the wood of your choice and then ship it back to you. Doesn’t matter if it’s a video card or a strange expansion card, my frames know no boundaries! I realize that’s almost an oxymoron but I’m leaving it that way. -FAQ-

Frame your motherboard – Custom order $89 –

If you have a motherboard you love and you don’t want holes through it with an assault rifle then I can just frame it and leave the bullets for the next guys board. A friend of mine has a micro-ATX board that runs SLI, he says it’s one of the only ones made and all I see when I look at it is how awesome it’d look in a frame on his wall. His wife even agrees with me! Send me your mobo, I’ll frame it up real classy-like and send it back to you as securely as the day you got it. -FAQ-