Expansion Card Desk Art

Expansion cards are really what make a desktop build completely unique. Back in the day you could change up everything from your audio card to your RAID controller to your video card. Some of that can still be changed, a lot of it has been integrated into modern motherboard designs. If you have rare or memorable expansion cards you want to display, contact me! After you send me the piece I’ll build a custom frame in the wood of your choice and ship it back to you, ready to display on your desk or mantle.

Alternatively, you can buy a piece from my personal collection, displayed below for ease of reference. Remember, my collection is only so deep and once they’re sold, they’re gone! I have more cards I’m framing, feel free to follow me on Twitter @kugelmem for developing projects and bad wood puns!

DAS8-PGA 1989 Expansion Card – In stock $69 –

This expansion card used to interface with scientific equipment. Now it proudly shows off what it’s made of while sitting on your desk or hanging on the wall wrapped in a hard maple frame finished to a glass smooth finish.

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(Dimensions 5 3/4″ H x 10 7/8″ W x 1 3/8″ D – Frame is 1″ hard maple)