Modern Art

Featuring technology from the recent past displayed in custom frames I designed and meticulously finished, some of these pieces come from my personal collection of old school technology I collected during years of computer consulting work, and from meeting other geeks like me who wanted to commemorate their aged hardware. Handcrafted and hand labeled with their serial numbers, these pieces celebrate both the beauty of silicon and the beauty of nature.

This limited collection is for sale! Check out my Modern Art Services page if you would like a custom frame for a piece from your personal collection.

CPU’s  – desk art

Do terms like 386, 486, Pentium, Cyrix, Via or IBM make sense to you? If so, check out the CPU’s I’ve framed from my personal collection. They’re for sale and will ship quickly!

Expansion Cards – desk art / wall art

The expansion cards I frame are so cool for so many reasons; for the now seemingly limited function they may have performed originally, for the old DIP switches and actual copper wires soldered to the boards and for their unique chips that have since been miniturized into miniscule bits.

Motherboards – wall art / centerpiece

I finally figured out what manufacturers mean by “future proof” motherboards. They make great art one can hang on the wall to appreciate anytime! A true geek can tell you the make/model of the first motherboard (mobo) they put in their first rig, just like your dad can tell you his first car was a ’59 Pontiac Catalina he drove out of a farmers field for $75. My first mobo was an ASUS A7A266, but what good is it doing just sitting in a tower collecting dust now that it’s over 10 years old? So I decided to dig up some of my old boards and frame them as modern art pieces to display the juxtaposition of the natural pattern of wood versus the synthetic pattern of computer components.