Prototype Corner shows off my newest designs!

Do you want to see the latest projects I’ve been working on? I’m so excited to share with the world what I’m up to that I’ve taken to the tubes of the internet to share my prototypes on my Facebook page and via my Twitter page. However, I understand not everyone hangs out in the same tubes so hey I created a Prototype Corner page on my website that I’ll also update with the coolest of my prototypes.

Scared of Facebook or Twitter? Well I made my Facebook page public so you don’t even need an account to view it. Just click on any of my Facebook links I have pasted all over my site and enjoy the ride. The same goes with Twitter! Or read my latest tweets on the right sidebar of my home page.

Do you HAVE to be the first to have the coolest newest everything? Then my Prototype Corner page is the place to be. If you see something you HAVE to have before the rest of the world has it drop me a line at and beg commission me to build the piece for YOU first. Like any company not all prototypes make it to production. Sometimes my mood changes and I only make one of something before SQUIRREL moving onto something else. So if you SQUIRREL like what you see on prototype corner like and comment on the Facebook posting for it or email me and tell me you like it. The record for selling a prototype build is two hours, so you better pounce quick!

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